Loosen Up in the Alps
Disconnect from the world and reconnect with yourself — and a goat!
Vals, Switzerland

Few places are more idyllic or evoke a stronger sense of calm than the rolling alpine meadows in the Grisons mountains, the home of alpine yoga. Practice solo, in a group, or with a goat! A new trend that is proven to improve mental calmness and stability. These furry friends can also join you for a mountain trek or in group yoga classes.

Inhale the crisp alpine air, feel a gentle breeze and the faint jingle of cowbells… you are meditating on a Swiss mountain top.

Wellness and luxury go hand-in-hand in Switzerland. The healing sources from alpine springs and the energizing force of the majestic mountains are an enormous part of Swiss culture, explain our partners, Cosa Travel, who helped us plan this adventure.

The top-floor suites designed by Japanese architect Kengo Kuma offer impressively simple elegance, breathtaking views and luxurious privacy. Helicopter and limousine transfer included.

At hotel 7132, the legendary thermal springs are brought to life by architect Peter Zumthor, who rose to international fame with his design for the spa complex in the sleepy valley of Vals. Shortly after, the adjoining hotel was reimagined by Zumthor and a team of star architects who let their creative imaginations run free. The result
is an architectural masterpiece; a tribute to the incredible beauty of the Alps and an homage to the deeply rooted wellness heritage of the region.

The sharp, obtuse lines carefully frame the sweeping valley views experienced from every corner of the property, from the two Michelin-starred restaurant to the panoramic poolside. The spa is peaceful and serene, and you can glide into one of their many pools filled by the mineralized St. Peter Spring at a soothing 30 degrees celsius. The signature Vals alpine herb stamp massage and peel is perfect for calming tense muscles and restoring the balance of the body. Once rejuvenated, fly back to reality onboard the sleek hotel-operated helicopter.

Relaxation area in the spa with peaceful views of the mountainside.

Hotel 7132 is offering a ‘Fit Retreat’ experience, a program for the mind, body and soul casting new light on diet, exercise, stress reduction and clean sleeping. Lead by Dr. Michael Despeghel, the team talk to you about the meaning of well being, tailoring programs and providing physiological guidance on the body’s metabolism and hormone balance based on the latest scientific findings, offering the ultimate lifestyle reset.

Made from 60,000 slabs of Vals quartzite, the thermal baths were granted protected heritage status shortly after their completion.
A goat joins in for a group yoga session.
Relaxation area in the spa with peaceful views of the mountainside.
A goat joins in for a group yoga session.
Relaxation area in the spa with peaceful views of the mountainside.